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Москва, 27 и 28 мая 2019

Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych

Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Department

Stacey resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement (LEO) and teaching experience.
Law Enforcement experience:
•Homicide Detective
•Gang Unit Specialist Detective
•Hostage Negotiator
•Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer
•School Resources Officer (SRO)
•Five years as a Special Agent with the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND (DHS)

Stacey is currently working as a Detective with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Dept., Gang, and Violent Crimes Unit.
Teaching experience:
-Stacey is an Adjunct Professor:
•Criminal Profiling
•Criminal Behavior
•Sociology (Group Dynamics)

•Bachelor of Science degree; Criminology (Ball State University, 1994).
•Master’s degree; Forensic Psychology (Walden University, 2012).
•Currently, a Ph.D. Candidate (Forensic Psychology), at Walden University

•American Psychology Association (APA)
•CIT International member #3036
•Golden Key International Honor Society
•National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
•Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
•Psi Chi International Honor Society (Psychology)
•Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

Strategic Notes:
- The topics discussed in my presentations will exhibit significant outlines that will motivate individuals to participate with enthusiasm; this innovated method is aimed at captivating, diverse consortiums while incorporating various points of the CIT model.
- Individuals will take with them, original philosophies, and realistic appropriateness, that will increase proficiencies for individuals to utilize in their CIT Program.
- The fundamental goal of this workshop is to integrate the CIT model using methods associated with Behavioral Analysis and Detection of Violent Risk Factors.

My overall goal upon completing my dissertation is to develop an innovative approach for individuals to comprehend using Risk Assessment strategies and Behavioral Analysis methods as a corporate tool.