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Москва, 27 и 28 мая 2019

Can Distributed Teams Deliver Quality?Инженерные практики, способствующие созданию качественного продукта

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Егор Бугаенко

Директор лаборатории в Huawei, основатель компании Zerocracy, разрабатывающей AI-роботов для управления программистами.


It is a well known trend: software teams are becoming more distributed. Programmers work from home, communicate remotely, contribute via pull requests, and chat in Slack. How does it affect the quality of software? Can those distributed teams compete with co-located ones? Many managers think that it’s impossible, because real quality is achievable only when people know each other personally and have direct face-to-face contacts on a daily basis. How true is that? I will demonstrate that it’s not true and will illustrate my thoughts with practical examples.

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